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VIC/TAS Branch Report - May 2016 

The Victorian branch committee recently met and has put together a plan for events for the year. We are planning a social catch up in May, training courses in July and a site visit in August. This will potentially be followed up in September with a cheese and wine event where we can discuss the impact of smoke on wine grapes in Victoria. 

Jason Choi

VIC/TAS Branch Secretary



2016 Award
Dr Mark Hibberd with
Dr Jenny Strauss




2014 Award

Dr John Innis with
Ms Polly Stauss

2014 Award

Dr Paul Torre with
Ms Polly Strauss

2015 Award
Rebecca Colcott on behalf of the Asthma Foundation with
Dr Jenny Strauss




2011 Award
Frank Fleer and
Branch President
Dr Mark Hibberd

2012 Award
Dr Graeme Ross with
Dr Jenny Strauss

2013 Award

Dr Martin Cope with
Dr Jenny Strauss


2008 Award

Dr Helen Murphy and
Branch President
Peter Phaedonos

2009 Award

Dr John Todd,
with Dr Jenny Strauss

2010 Award

Alex Fraser Group


Submission to the Board of Inquiry into the Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire of 2014

The CASANZ Victoria/Tasmania Branch formed the Morwell Working group to contribute to the public discussion regarding the air quality implications associated with the Hazelwood coal mine fire in Morwell, Victoria. The Working Group’s submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire is available here.

Following the Society's submission, a letter of response was received from the Hazelwood Mine Fire Board of Inquiry. A hardcopy of the recommendations was also received.

Click here to view the letter of response.

Click here to view the recommendations. 

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Recommended Separation Distances for Industrial Residual Air Emissions

EPA Victoria has recently released a new guideline relating to separation distances. Please see Related Documents for details.

Dr Paul Torre 
Jason Choi
John Conway 

Branch Committee
Dr Paul Torre (TAE)
Stefanus Irwanto
Rosemary Fedele

The primary focus of Committee meetings is the organisation of technical presentations and training needs.  The Vic/Tas Branch meetings occur every month on the second Wednesday.


6.30 pm
To be advised


The Branch Committee welcomes suggestions on events such as technical presentations, seminars, workshops and training sessions from members and non-members interested in air quality management or other environmental issues.

If you have a suggestion or know of visiting potential speakers for any of our functions please contact the Branch Secretary.

Non-members are welcome to join committee meetings at any time.




Traffic Contribution to Air Quality in Europe

To download a copy of the presentation,
please click here.

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