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NZ Branch - AERMOD Q&A Webinar
Monday, 22 May, 2017
CASANZ invites members to attend a Question and Answer webinar.

Lakes Environmental’s Jesse and Cris Thé will present an overview of the latest advancements in the US EPA AERMOD atmospheric dispersion model—one of the most commonly used models to assess air pollution impacts from a wide range of emission sources. The Q&A webinar will be delivered via video link to NIWA’s Christchurch office located at 10 Kyle Street, Riccarton.

The Q&A webinar is intended for environmental professionals working in the assessment of air pollution impact, including scientists, engineers, consultants and planners.

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Monday, 22 May, 2017


NIWA, 41 Market Place, Auckland


5.45pm - Networking drinks
6.00 - 7.00pm - Presentation and Q & A


Members: $10

Student/retiree: Complimentary

Non Members: $50

(No charge for people attending the CASANZ AERMOD Course 22 & 23 May click here for details)


Friday, 19 May, 2017

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Vicki Callaway
CASANZ General Manager
Tel: +61 3 9723 6588


NZ Branch Report - May 2016

The New Zealand branch hosted the Understanding and Managing Air Quality course in March 2016. The Course was presented by Janet Petersen and was well received. The branch committee meeting in March was forward-focused on events and training needs for the upcoming year. It was pleasing to see that all the current committee will be standing again for 2016/2017.

Planned branch activities include:

  • Technical presentation on air quality in Brazil and South Africa (late May or June)
  • Workshop on new low cost air quality monitors, currently being organized and will be held later in the year.

Dr Erin Riley from the University of Washington presented at a seminar facilitated by NIWA on Ultrafine Particle Size as a Tracer for Aircraft Turbine Emissions, which was held on 1 April. Air quality in the news:

  • More than 2000 submissions were received on the second stage of the Nelson Southern Link Investigation, which considers

  • various options to alleviate congestion during peak hours and accessibility for walking and cyclists (
  • projects/nelson-southern-link)
  • Woodburner emissions are again a hot topic in Canterbury with the regional council kicking off its winter monitoring and education campaign again in June, focusing on Christchurch, Kaiapoi, Timaru and Waimate. The regional council's air pollution officers checked more than 7000 homes last winter  and found 162 smoky chimneys.

  • There is likely to be an increased focus on indoor air quality in workplaces with the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 being promulgated in April. Amongst other things, these regulations introduce explicit requirements for ensuring people in workplaces are not exposed to substances hazardous to health at concentrations exceeding the workplace exposure standards and requirements for exposure monitoring and health monitoring to be carried out in certain circumstances.

Jenny Simpson

NZ Branch President


NZ Branch Report - February 2016 


A joint New Zealand Transport Agency and Transport Special Interest Group workshop on Minimising Exposure to Transport Emissions was held in Auckland on 10th December 2015 with a good turnout from consultants and local and central government.


The workshop included: 

  • A Panel discussion involving representatives from the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry for Transport, Auckland Transport/ Auckland Council and New Zealand Transport Agency.
  • An update on assessment methods, data and tools
  • An update on management of roadway air quality

A summary of the presentations from this workshop can be found here: click here.


It looks like 2016 will be another busy year for those involved in air quality management in New Zealand. In particular, various regional council air quality plans are in the process of being reviewed. The status of these reviews (at the time of writing) include: 

  • Canterbury – the hearing for the Proposed Canterbury Air Regional Plan was adjourned in November 2015. The hearing is likely to reconvene around March 2016 with recommendations due later in 2016.
  • Nelson – A discrete Woodburner Plan Change is being progressed ahead of the full review of the Nelson Air Quality Plan. The current timeline is for the Woodburner Plan Change to be notified in early 2016 with hearings expected mid-2016.
  • Wellington – the Proposed Natural Resources Plan for the Wellington region, which incorporates air quality management, is currently in the submissions and further submissions stage. A hearing panel has been appointed but at the time of writing no date had been published for hearings.
  • Auckland – the hearings for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan are ongoing and will be boosted by the addition of three new Panel members in November 2015. The air quality topic was heard in early 2015 and interim guidance has been released by the Panel, however the panel is not required to make its final recommendations to the Auckland Council until July 2016 The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment is also progressing the review of the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality that was announced by the government last year. Although the terms of reference for any review have not yet been released, it is expected to focus on the particulate matter standard. At the time of writing, the Ministry for the Environment have called for proposals for the following technical supporting material:
  • A review of research on International Air Quality Management & Health Effects of Particulate Matter.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of an amended National Environmental Standard for PM10 and PM2.5.

The NZ branch is looked forward to hosting the Understanding and Managing Air Quality training course in March 2016 and we hope to see some of our Australian colleagues in Auckland.


Jenny Simpson

NZ Branch President


NZ Branch Clean Air Achievement Award Winners 2015


The New Zealand Branch awarded this year’s Clean Air Achievement Award to:

  • Retail Links Ltd
  • Envirosolve Ltd; and
  • Retrospective Design Ltd

The Award recipients were recognised for their success in introducing Ultra Low Emission Burners to the New Zealand market, overcoming a range of problems and hurdles along the way. There contributions present a significant step forward and possible solution for problems faced in New Zealand’s polluted airshed.


Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEBs) are required to emit less than 0.5 grams of total suspended particulate (TSP) per kilogram of fuel burned (g/kg), and with a thermal efficiency of 65 % or greater when tested in real life operation.


Achieving these emission and thermal performance criteria proved challenging for the suppliers of domestic burners in New Zealand. However, during 2015 three companies obtained:


  • Canterbury Regional Council authorisation as ULEB
  • Canterbury Regional Council global resource consent to install and operate ULEBs in new houses or in houses that do not currently have a solid fuel burner.

The three authorised/consented ULEBs are:


  • Walltherm - Retail Links Ltd
  • Bionic - Envirosolve Ltd
  • Xeeros - Retrospective Design Ltd

The awards were presented at the NZ Branch AGM held on Wednesday 2nd of December. Rene Haeberli of Enivirosolve Ltd and Sarah Pezaro of Retrospective Design Ltd attended the award ceremony in person. Ross Sneddon of Retail Links put his apologies to the meeting for not attending, he had just arrived back in the country from a business trip. All three companies were pleased to receive the award.


Congratulations to the 2015 NZ Branch achievement award winners. CASANZ look forward to the on-going activity in this space during 2016 and beyond as new products come to market, air plans are changed to consider ULEBs, and people may be able to heat their homes using solid fuel burners with relatively low impact on air quality.



    Retail Links Ltd

Enivirosolve Ltd


An Introduction to Ambient Aerosol Science - 12 June, 2015

A half day workshop entitled An Introduction to Ambient Aerosol Science was held at NIWA Auckland on Friday 12 June, 2015. At this seminar, the NIWA team gave a series of presentations on basic aerosol science including the formation, transformation and removal processes of particles in the atmosphere, their properties, behaviour and effects, as well as some of the many different ways of characterising particles and the information that can be gleaned from them.


To view the presentations from the seminar, click here.



Jenny Simpson           
Secretary Jeff Bluett                    
Treasurer  Dr Doug Boddy           

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